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MithraSIG Webinar on the 5th of june at 2pm!

The next MithraSIG webinar starts on the 5th of June at 2pm!

Come to discover MithraSIG: an acoustic mapping software.

The MithraSIG software fully meets the needs of impact study and acoustic mapping in an outdoor environment. Produced by Geomod, MithraSIG integrates the MITHRA calculation engine of the Scientific and Technical Center for Building, as well as the 3D SIG component “Cadcorp SIS” bringing interoperability.

Once registrated, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about the webinar access procedure.

Registration link: HERE .


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LB-acoustics: New distributor for MithraSIG

LB Acoustics

Geomod  is proud to announce a new partner: LB-acoustics, who will distribute our environmental acoustic software MithraSIG in Romania.

LB-acoustics was founded ten years ago in Romania. Alionte Cristian-Gabriel, Managing Director of LB Acoustics SRL:

Our company’s mission is to offer consultancy and technical support in sound, noise and vibration measurement techniques for the companies interested in improving the quality of life. Moreover, we are committed in developing new solutions with our international partners for nowadays noise pollution challenges.


This new partnership confirms the quality and the attractiveness of MithaSIG on the International market.

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AnkomAkustik: New distributor for MithraSIG

Distributeur MithraSIGGeomod is proud to announce a new partner: AnkomAkustik, who will distribute our environmental acoustic software MithraSIG in Poland.

AnkomAkustik was founded in 2010 in Poznań. AnkomAkustik covers a wide range of acoustic challenges. Marcin Przybył , President of the Management Board :

“We design rooms acoustics for public and commercial buildings as well as smaller projects. We carry out analyses of the acoustic impact of industrial plants and linear investments, i.e. roads or railways. Our team also has knowledge and skills in the design and performance of acoustic protections, i.e. housing or acoustic silencers. “

This new partnership confirms the quality and the attractiveness of MithaSIG on the International market.

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SAF MMM: New distributor for MithraSIG and MithraREM


Geomod is proud to announce a new partner: SAF MMM, who will distribute our software MithraREM, the simulation software for the exposure to electromagnetic radiation from radio transmitters, and MithraSIG our environmental acoustic software in Turkey and Israel.

From design desks to actual applications, SAF MMM has lived through an experience of almost 25 years in Turkey.

SAF MMM has also established CYPE Turkey and is the local distributor of CYPE software.

This new cooperation is the result of SAF MMM’s deep urge to bring to perfection its service quality for engineering consultancy by obtaining prominent software solutions and the desire of Geomod and CSTB to promote the Mithra suite in new markets through a network of distributors.

Geomod is pursuing its strategy of developing and seeking a partner.

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MithraSIG: New version!

The new MithraSIG version in 5 points :

Simplification of the Ground creation by grids

More and more ground are grids (ASC Format) with millions of points. A new parameter was added to optimize MithraSIG ground creation. This new Z accuracy parameter reduces the number of ground points with a very limited lack of precision.

It reduces points considering a maximum tolerated gap between the initial data and MithraSIG ground. An altitude comparison is done for each point between a complete data triangulation and an approximate triangulation while remaining inside the tolerance.

The result thus obtained represents the ground feature points: thalwegs, crests (mounds), summits, hollows, break points (banks).


Update maps

In this version, created maps appear in color (green or purple) in the project window.

  • Green color means that the map is synchronous with the simulation and can not be updated. The simulation has not rerun since the creation of the map.

  • Purple color means that the map can be updated, the simulation has rerun after the map has been created.


Simulation Triangulation

This version enables to visualize the triangulation associated with any completed simulation in the form of polygons from a specific overlay. This triangulation is the internal model used to calculate the 3D sections of the calculation paths. Each triangle edge intersected by a calculation path adds a point representing the terrain to that section.

A gradient of color is displayed according to the slope of the triangles ; flat triangles appear in white and triangles with a slope greater than 10% appear in dark brown. This allows a better analysis of the calculation ground effects.


Tabs per frequency

Addition of the option Details to the renderings of simulations whose sources storage is by frequency. It allows to show all frequency in a table label. Each frequency is on a single row.


Open Street Map Tiles specific overlay

The overlay displaying the Open Street Map background map is now located in a specific MithraSIG overlay in the Model data list to make it more accessible.



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GET Wireless : New distributor for MithraREM

GET Wireless

Geomod is proud to announce a new partner for MithraREM: GET Wireless, who will distribute MithraREM, simulation software for the exposure to electromagnetic radiation from radio transmitters, in Tunisia, in Algeria and Morocco.

Working with mor the 40 software partners in the world, GET Wireless is a leader in integrating solutions and Value Added Services for mobile operators throughout the Maghreb region.

GET Wireless is also a market leader in the design, installation and optimization of mobile radio networks with over 80% market share in Tunisia. The company has been operating in this field since 2001, and has always been the preferred service provider for local mobile operators and the strategic partner for equipment manufacturers such as Huawei, NSN, Ericsson and Alcatel.

After several years of business growth, GET Wireless has launched its subsidiaries since 2012 in Algeria and Morocco. Their objectives are to help operators in the whole region, including West Africa.

Jean-Benoit Dufour, MithraSIG and MithraREM Sofware project manager for Geomod :

“We look forward to this partnership with GET Wireless. GET is very familiar with the problem of electromagnetic radiation and is present throughout the Maghreb Region. We firmly believe that GET is the ideal partner for this part of the world.”

MithraSIG Webinar
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MithraSIG Webinar

Webinar MithraSIG


The next MithraSIG webinar starts on the 10th of July at 11am!

Come to discover MithraSIG: an acoustic mapping software.

The MithraSIG software fully meets the needs of impact study and acoustic mapping in an outdoor environment. Produced by Geomod, MithraSIG integrates the MITHRA calculation engine of the Scientific and Technical Center for Building, as well as the 3D SIG component “Cadcorp SIS” bringing interoperability.

Once registrated, you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about the webinar access procedure.

Register for the date that suits you by clicking HERE

MithraREM simulation
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MithraREM 2.0 is available

MithraREM 2.0: new version, new interface

The electromagnetic radiation mapping software MithraREM 2 now integrates Cadcorp SIS kernel and CSTB simulation engines into its own interface. This new interface is more powerful and easier to use.

MithraREM interface


Development concept

  • Total integration
  • Complete new interface
  • Fully 64 bits
  • More intuitive
  • More comfort of use

Many improvements

MithraREM 2 offers the possibility of calculating antenna variants with the highest level of antennas.

The analyzes are facilitated. On any point object of a map, is available: the level by antennas, the level by frequencies and technology and the level by operators.

MithraREM Antenna

MithraREM 2 is characterized by the quality and accuracy of its simulations: it remains the most accurate software dedicated to the calculation of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

MithraREM 2 makes it possible to calculate in streets and public spaces, on terraces and roofs, on all facades of buildings, inside buildings ; exhaustibility impossible by in situ measurements.

MithraSIG Logo
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MithraSIG: the acoustic simulation GIS software gets its new version 5.1

After the release fo the new version 5 earlier this year, MithraSIG gets its 5.1 update. This new version brings new functionnalities, in particular to import/export data but also to produce noise maps. New tools to create and edit objects have also been developed.


A new project creation system based on OpenStreetMap and SRTM allows to generate a MithraSIG project automatically on a specific area, importing free web ressources. MithraSIG connects to web servers, download the data, and convert it directly into objects that can be used by the simulation engine. With a few clicks, your project is ready to be set.

OpenStreetMap interface

Label tabs

The label tabs have been improved to be easier to use. To save time, you can now update and modify the settings of the existing label tabs containing previous simulation results. The legend can be directly displayed in the tables for a better comprehension of the results. And groups have been added to sort the labels tabs and you want. It’s more simple and easier to provide renderings.

Generalize maps and Geostandard

We have added a new feature to allow you to create multiple pre-set maps on the fly. You just have to set one and use the generalize functions to create the other ones automatically, and this using the sources, the natures or the periods.

Moreover, the function “Generalize European directive” uses the Geos­tandard format and allows to create maps based on this standard.

Geostandard interface

Google Earth export

We have included the export of files with an option to export files directly in .KMZ format to read them in Google Earth. The objects as the facades are displayed well positionned on the Google Earth ground. Moreover, if Google Earth is installed on your machine, without export you can see the MithraSIG data directly in Google Earth.