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The Grand Port Maritime du Havre has selected PortAll !

The GPMH (Grand Port Maritime du Havre) has selected PortAll, our web mapping application and its module ULHYSSES for the production and automatic update of the most accurate bathymetric charts (bENC). PortAll is operated on touch-screen tables by the Hydrographic Service and as well by the Port Authority for the management of ships. In 2018, the GPMH had already selected our software PortSide to produce its port charts (ENC) in S57 standard.

Marine geomatics, News

The Professional Union of Drivers of the Ports of Marseille and the Gulf of Fos and AUTO ULHYSSES


The Professional Union of Drivers of the Ports of Marseille and the Gulf of Fos acquires our AUTO ULHYSSES software to produce and updating automatically their own bathymetric charts.

Few words about AUTO ULHYSSES?

  • AUTO ULHYSSES updates automatically ENC bathymetric coverage as new surveys are sent.

  • AUTO ULHYSSES archives the survey history, allowing it to regenerate all the bathymetric coverage by respecting the survey timeline, which is particularly interesting if you want to modify parameters or benefit from the changes made by a new version of the software.

  • AUTO ULHYSSES generates an ENC containing the polygons created by trimming the probes used for each survey. Displayed with the date of the survey, it allows to know the date of the most recent bathymetry in all points of the domain.

  • The bENC made by AUTO ULHYSSES are directly usable by the PPU, allowing pilots to have the most up-to-date bathymetry.

  • AUTO ULHYSSES works as a server client and is piloted through a PortAll web page. PortAll is Geomod’s web solution responding to the needs of the Hydro services, the harbor master’s office, and also to the professional unions of port pilots or mooring services.


Marine geomatics, News

Sea Tech Week 2018: International Marine Events in Brest

The 11th edition of  Sea Tech Week will take place in Brest from October 8 to 12, 2018. This event gathers researchers, entrepreneurs, industrialists and decision-makers, constituting a unique opportunity to develop partnerships, relationships and scientific collaborations.

This year, the main theme is marine bioresources, covering a wide range of areas from resource characterization and production to economic development. The objective is to spotlight all the latest technologies on offer in these different fields of application.

On this occasion, Geomod will present the following innovations:
AUTO ULHYSSES (which automatically ensures the coverage of bathymetric ENCs)
PortSide (production of ENCs and detailled port ENCs)
ePilotBook (web application for port pilots and harbor masters)

Come meet us on stand 11.

We will focus a little bit on this point during this event.