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The newest version of XPDrainage is now available !


Geomod and Innovyze are excited to announce the 2019.1 version of XPDrainage! This release marks a dramatic advance in the sophistication of the software, as it includes a full hydraulic SWMM5 engine, improved comparison reporting and more.

We recommend that you install this latest product release to update your product, or contact your system administrator to request this update.


goutte  1.Install XPDrainage 64-bit version

 2.Doowload the License Administrator Installer

(Network Server Installs Only)

What’s news?

  • SWMM Simulation Engine Built-In

XPDrainage 2019.1 includes a full hydraulic SWMM5 simulation engine that can handle sustainable drainage structures. This means you can do both design and analysis, and therefore scenarios and iterations, all within XPDrainage.

Adopting the SWMM5 engine brings you reliable and widely accepted hydraulic analysis of pipes, manholes and – unique to XPDrainage – hydraulic LID structures (also known as SuDS and WSUD). The analysis is significantly faster than the previous XPDrainage engine, saving you time and giving you more confidence in your designs. It also offers more commonality with other Innovyze modeling products that include SWMM5.

  • Improved Comparison Reporting

You can now build multiple reports to plot and tabulate results, from different phases, by total or individual objects. This means you can interpret results and make decisions faster when you’re considering different stormwater control options.

  • Other features

Other notable features in XPDrainage 2019.1 include:

  • User defined conduits

  • Template changes on multiple items

  • Urban creep

  • Runoff reduction rate compared to rainfall volume

  • Several improvements in pipe sizing

Need help?
Contact Geomod Support with additional questions about this update by emailing support at

place kleber
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The Eurometropole of Strasbourg has chosen InfoWorks ICM


place kleber

The Eurometropole of Strasbourg has chosen InfoWorks ICM to model their wastewater and storm water networks.

In 2018, the city launched a tender to calibrate and upgrade their general hydraulic model and gave the possibility to change their current software. The choice of the software has been evaluated in particular on its performance and technical features.

We won this tender as a subcontractor of Prolog Ingénierie consultancy. Prolog Engineering is in charge of the studies and Geomod supplies the hydraulic modelling software, technical support and training.

We highlighted different key points that make InfoWorks ICM ideal to model and manage complex wastewater and storm water networks.

  • Fast opening of huge models and their results thanks to a 64-bit application

  • Faster computational time

  • Stable results when modelling complex and specific ancillaries

  • The ability to implement all rules of works regulation (including PID or incremental controllers)

The performance in terms of fast computational time, robustness, stability and reliability of InfoWorks ICM models was highly appreciated.

Other keys features are able to foster InfoWorks ICM :

  • Integrated GIS interface

  • Compatibility with any GIS

  • Data management via a centralized database

  • Diversity of available hydrological models

  • Scenario Manager

  • Model build tools

  • Ancillaries and their regulation

  • Visualization of the results in different forms (plan, tables, graphs)

  • Dynamic themes of results

  • Results analysis tools

  • 2D modelling

  • Available evolution towards dynamic modelling with ICMLive (real-time modelling)

  • And even more …

News, Water modelling

Event Pollutec 2018


Pollutec, the 28th International trade show for environmental equipment, technologies and Services will take place from 27th to 30th November 2018 in Lyon Eurexpo.
Meet us tomorrow on the stand H5E158 with our partner Innovyze around the theme of water:

  • Flooding
  • Waste water
  • Strom water
  • Real time
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Conference SHF 2018: ” From flood forecasting to crisis management “


This year SHF organizes a conference : ” From flood forecasting to crisis management “. It takes place in Avignon from the 14th to the 16th November 2018. We participate with our partner Surface Libre. You are invited to visit us at our booth to exchange about flood forecasting and operational crisis management. We can also present you our real-time pilots using our solution ICMLive.

New version Infoworks ICM 9.0.1
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INFOWORKS ICM 9.0.1: Now available!

INFOWORKS ICM 9.0.1: What are the new functionalities and the enhancements?

The version of InfoWorks ICM 9.0.1 is now available in the download platform (with your login and password):

New version Infoworks ICM 9.0.1

For the ones who already installed the version 9.0.0 of InfoWorks ICM, we advise to upgrade it to the version 9.0.1.

Here is a resume of the new features and enhancements of the version 9.0.


  • Prompt when newer network version is available
  • Visual indicator for run schedule network version
  • Export data from a scalar time series database (TSDB) grid
  • New user-defined water quality process type.
  • SUDS area adjustment
  • Auto-Regressive Moving-Average (ARMA)
  • A new SWMM build-up/wash-off model
  • Import option for Damage Functions


  • Text reports over 50mb read in software
  • Improved river reach validation
  • Improvements in the size and display-time of 2D meshes
  • FEH2013 point descriptor import

For more details, you can contact our technical support service via hydro[at] or consult the French page here.


News, Water modelling

I.S.Rivers: 3rd international conference

I.S.Rivers: 3rd international conference

A conference on rivers and large rivers

This week is the 3rd edition of I.S.Rivers from June 4 to 8, 2018 at Lyon 2 University, an international conference on research and actions in the service of rivers and large rivers.

Geomod will be present on Wednesday, June 6, accompanied by our partner SURFACE LIBRE, to present a poster entitled “Flood Risk Management: Feedback on the Implementation of an Experimental Real-Time System for Flood Forecasting” with the ICMLive software. ICMLive uses past and present observed events as well as precipitation forecasts to accurately predict urban and rural watershed behaviors.