New version Infoworks ICM 9.0.1

INFOWORKS ICM 9.0.1: Now available!

INFOWORKS ICM 9.0.1: What are the new functionalities and the enhancements?

The version of InfoWorks ICM 9.0.1 is now available in the download platform (with your login and password):

New version Infoworks ICM 9.0.1

For the ones who already installed the version 9.0.0 of InfoWorks ICM, we advise to upgrade it to the version 9.0.1.

Here is a resume of the new features and enhancements of the version 9.0.


  • Prompt when newer network version is available
  • Visual indicator for run schedule network version
  • Export data from a scalar time series database (TSDB) grid
  • New user-defined water quality process type.
  • SUDS area adjustment
  • Auto-Regressive Moving-Average (ARMA)
  • A new SWMM build-up/wash-off model
  • Import option for Damage Functions


  • Text reports over 50mb read in software
  • Improved river reach validation
  • Improvements in the size and display-time of 2D meshes
  • FEH2013 point descriptor import

For more details, you can contact our technical support service via hydro[at] or consult the French page here.