MithraREM simulation

MithraREM 2.0 is available

MithraREM 2.0: new version, new interface

The electromagnetic radiation mapping software MithraREM 2 now integrates Cadcorp SIS kernel and CSTB simulation engines into its own interface. This new interface is more powerful and easier to use.

MithraREM interface


Development concept

  • Total integration
  • Complete new interface
  • Fully 64 bits
  • More intuitive
  • More comfort of use

Many improvements

MithraREM 2 offers the possibility of calculating antenna variants with the highest level of antennas.

The analyzes are facilitated. On any point object of a map, is available: the level by antennas, the level by frequencies and technology and the level by operators.

MithraREM Antenna

MithraREM 2 is characterized by the quality and accuracy of its simulations: it remains the most accurate software dedicated to the calculation of exposure to electromagnetic fields.

MithraREM 2 makes it possible to calculate in streets and public spaces, on terraces and roofs, on all facades of buildings, inside buildings ; exhaustibility impossible by in situ measurements.