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MithraSIG: the acoustic simulation GIS software gets its new version 5.1

After the release fo the new version 5 earlier this year, MithraSIG gets its 5.1 update. This new version brings new functionnalities, in particular to import/export data but also to produce noise maps. New tools to create and edit objects have also been developed.


A new project creation system based on OpenStreetMap and SRTM allows to generate a MithraSIG project automatically on a specific area, importing free web ressources. MithraSIG connects to web servers, download the data, and convert it directly into objects that can be used by the simulation engine. With a few clicks, your project is ready to be set.

OpenStreetMap interface

Label tabs

The label tabs have been improved to be easier to use. To save time, you can now update and modify the settings of the existing label tabs containing previous simulation results. The legend can be directly displayed in the tables for a better comprehension of the results. And groups have been added to sort the labels tabs and you want. It’s more simple and easier to provide renderings.

Generalize maps and Geostandard

We have added a new feature to allow you to create multiple pre-set maps on the fly. You just have to set one and use the generalize functions to create the other ones automatically, and this using the sources, the natures or the periods.

Moreover, the function “Generalize European directive” uses the Geos­tandard format and allows to create maps based on this standard.

Geostandard interface

Google Earth export

We have included the export of files with an option to export files directly in .KMZ format to read them in Google Earth. The objects as the facades are displayed well positionned on the Google Earth ground. Moreover, if Google Earth is installed on your machine, without export you can see the MithraSIG data directly in Google Earth.