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The Eurometropole of Strasbourg has chosen InfoWorks ICM


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The Eurometropole of Strasbourg has chosen InfoWorks ICM to model their wastewater and storm water networks.

In 2018, the city launched a tender to calibrate and upgrade their general hydraulic model and gave the possibility to change their current software. The choice of the software has been evaluated in particular on its performance and technical features.

We won this tender as a subcontractor of Prolog Ingénierie consultancy. Prolog Engineering is in charge of the studies and Geomod supplies the hydraulic modelling software, technical support and training.

We highlighted different key points that make InfoWorks ICM ideal to model and manage complex wastewater and storm water networks.

  • Fast opening of huge models and their results thanks to a 64-bit application

  • Faster computational time

  • Stable results when modelling complex and specific ancillaries

  • The ability to implement all rules of works regulation (including PID or incremental controllers)

The performance in terms of fast computational time, robustness, stability and reliability of InfoWorks ICM models was highly appreciated.

Other keys features are able to foster InfoWorks ICM :

  • Integrated GIS interface

  • Compatibility with any GIS

  • Data management via a centralized database

  • Diversity of available hydrological models

  • Scenario Manager

  • Model build tools

  • Ancillaries and their regulation

  • Visualization of the results in different forms (plan, tables, graphs)

  • Dynamic themes of results

  • Results analysis tools

  • 2D modelling

  • Available evolution towards dynamic modelling with ICMLive (real-time modelling)

  • And even more …