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InfoDrainage: stromwater and drainage design tool

InfoDrainage (ex XPDrainage) is a software to help with design and sizing of stromwater drainage systems.
It can be used by public administrations, design offices, city planner or civil engineering in order to help sinzing simple or complex networks. It is possible to integrate  different objects such as conduits or SuDS. The software is able to manage infinite network size.
It includes hydrological and hydraulic modules which makes it the ideal tool to save time during teh design and sizind process. It links CAD design engineering dimensioning and hydrological studies to build a project with a real, qualitative and quantitive SuDS management.

The interest of a single tool where one can create a project from the beginning to the end is multiple. Besides to save time and money. It makes possible to have a real continuity of a study and it becomes a guarantee of quality.

What makes InfoDrainage unique

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

Automatic sizing

Multiple Imports / Exports

Rainfall management

 Hydrology – Hydraulic

Easy visualization of results

Easy and ergonomic interface

Interface in French and English

Automatic results reports

Easy and intuitive interface


Designed to be accessible to all types of users, InfoDrainage is a software to build complex studies in a very limited time. The principle is to think in terms of “flow path” on which different obstacles / objects are connected.

The user interface is simple and adaptable.

  • Interface in French and English
  • Ground Model, background layers,
  • Importation of GIS or CAD data,
  • Ergonomic tools,
  • Easy handling

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS)

To concord with current needs, InfoDrainage is able to integrate and size several SuDS objects. These modules facilitate the calculations, represent a real opportunity to evaluate the impact of these solutions and integrate them into the projects. It is possible to model and size:

  • Pond,
  • Pourous pavements,
  • Trenches,
  • Tanks,
  • Vegetable roofs,
  • Chambers,
  • Biorentention cells
  • etc…

Automatic Sizing

In order to help with the design, there are different wizards calculation. The hydrological and hydraulic modules make possible to size, almost instantaneously, the necessary assets. Several types of analysis are available:

  • Pipe sizing with ratios and based on several methods (Complete, HEC-22 and Caquot method),
  • Retention sizing and other storage elements using several methods including the “méthode des pluies” (French method),
  • Definition of preferential flow paths.

In addition, as preprocessing, a validation of input data is performed to verify that all the necessary data for the calculations are in the model.



Rainfall Manager

InfoDrainage software provides a rainfall manager that allows you to integrate different types of events:

  • Singular events of observed rainfall
  • Long-term rainfall events
  • Designed rainfall
    • Choice of Rain Generation Method (Desbordes, SCS, FEH, FSR, ARR, Custom
    • Definition of return period
    • Multiple durations of the events to be studied (simultaneous analysis)

Rainfall-Runoff models

Several rain-flow transformation methods are available:

  • SCS method
  • Concentration time
  • Modified Rational Method
  • Isochronous curve
  • Hydro GB (FEH, FSR, ReFH) – English methods

Import / Export

InfoDrainage offers file exchanges in various formats for import and export.

  • On the import:
    • GIS and GIS type files
    • Backgrounds (image, cadastre, orthophoto, MNT, ascii)
    • .txt, .csv, .xls, xlsx, .redx, .plu for the rains
  • For export:
    • .csv, xls
    • GIS and CAD files
    • LandXML
    • Picture


The hydraulic calculation is carried out with the SWMM5 engine. It allows to get a reliable and fast hydraulic analysis.
It is possible to integrate the various structures and ancillaries into the network in addition to standard pipes. It includes pumps, sluice, valves, weirs, channels.
InfoDrainage also includes a pollutant tracking module.

Results analysis

A volume report summary is made to ensure the consistency of calculation and results.

The results are clear and easily exportable to various types of files.

InfoDrainage provides several tools to analyze the results :

  • Long profiles
  • Grids
  • Graphics
  • Visualization in plan following preferential path flow
  • Criticality analysis of rainfall events

For a more complete analysis, it is possible to compare several simulations by superposition :

  • according to the various scenarios
  • and / or in function of different rains
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