Marine geomatics
28 March 2023

Geomod by Coexya and Genavir continue their partnership

Geomod by Coexya and Genavir continue their partnership

A long-term partnership


Since 2007, Geomod by Coexya has been developing the cartographic core for Genavir, responsible for the software exploitation of the electronic navigational charts (ENC) produced by SHOM. The latter is integrated into the CINNA navigation aid system, now deployed on the entire French oceanographic fleet.

In 2018, the CINNA system obtained ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display Information System) certification, giving it the status of a primary navigation system, an alternative to paper charts.



The partnership will continue, with great ambitions!


Building on this success, in 2023 the Geomod and Genavir teams are extending their partnership
and announce their great plans for the coming year:


  • To renew certification renewal
  • Integrate data flows produced under the aegis of the new S-100 standard, and
    aim for ECDIS-S100 certification.
  • Deploy this navigation system to other users