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Marine geomatics 10 janvier 2024

Port Revel chooses Geomod

Port Revel chooses Geomod to develop its new training tool for maritime pilots worldwide.

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Water management 09 janvier 2024

Our solutions and services at the Local Water Management Forum

Flood prevention, GIEP/GDEP, GEMAPI, network maintenance... discover high-performance tools designed to meet your needs. Come to Hall 5 - stand 42 to talk to our experts on Wednesday 31/01 and Thursday 01/02 in Rennes.

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Marine geomatics 09 janvier 2024

Geomod at the Euromaritime exhibition

Geomod will be exhibiting its Portall and Calhypso tools at the Euromaritime exhibition as one of the French Maritime Cluster's innovations.

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Wave propagation 27 septembre 2023

New MithraREM 5G Module

Geomod and CSTB are proud to announce a brand new module in MithraREM that will revolutionise the modelling of smart antennas.

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Water management 29 juin 2023

The Dijon Water Sustainability Forum is coming soon!

Meet Geomod at the Dijon Water Sustainability Forum

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Water management 28 mars 2023

GeoCommunity, the platform dedicated to hydraulic modelling

A collaborative platform for French modellers.

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Marine geomatics 28 mars 2023

Geomod by Coexya and Genavir continue their partnership

Geomod by Coexya and Genavir continue their partnership

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Water management 30 mars 2023

The National Forum on Sustainable Stormwater Management is coming soon!

Meet Geomod at the national forum on sustainable stormwater management!

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Wave propagation 21 septembre 2022

A partnership between EXEM and GEOMOD

Wave exposure: EXEM and GEOMOD join forces to support local authorities

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Marine geomatics 12 juin 2023

Students from Antwerp Maritime Academy's Hydrography Cat N program are introduced to the Calhypso program.

Introduction to the Calhypso program for Antwerp Maritime Academy students

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Marine geomatics 01 juin 2023

Participation in the S-100 workshop in Brest organized by Shom

Geomod by Coexya takes part in the S-100 workshop in Brest organized by Shom

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Marine geomatics 08 juin 2023

Geomod by Coexya and Haropa Port support the Armada 2023 event

Armada 2023 welcomes the world's largest sailing ships to the port of Rouen

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