21 March 2024

Geomod partner of the WebConference "Flood prevention: the contribution of 2D modelling in development projects" via the ICM software

The increasing frequency of exceptionally intense rainfall events and the new regulatory constraints on building extensions mean that development projects need to be adapted to take account of these climatic hazards.

Controlling the risk of flooding and seeking to optimise development in order to limit the impact of projects are thus becoming key issues for project owners and contractors.


To address these issues, Autodesk Water Solutions is organising a webconference on 11 April at 10am, in partnership with Geomod. The design office Progeo Environnement, a user of the Infoworks ICM tool, will use a concrete case study of the extension of a ZAC (urban development zone) to present the contribution of 2D modelling to the management of complex flows, the visualisation of results and the analysis of multiple scenarios.


This presentation will address the following objectives :

- Control the risk of flooding in development projects

- Discover an appropriate modelling tool for anticipating the impact of rainfall events and producing convincing results

- Understand a real-life case study of a project in a sensitive area


Our expert, Souhila AMRIOUNE, Hydraulic Engineer at Geomod, will be speaking at this event.


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Contact : lucile.lallie@geomod.fr